31 Km Full HD video range with WiDV

Antennas long range test

Long range transmission of digital video is always something very difficult to achieve. At WiDV we have decided to do some testing and share these results.

WiDV equipment can be used with different wireless adapters, on this particular test we have used a WiDV Two – Professional kit dual with two AWUS036H wireless adapters. Thanks to the diversity+ feature included in WiDV, we attached 2 directional antennas of 2.4Ghz to the receiver, a patch of 17dbi and a parabolic of 24dbi gain.

The WiDV transmitter was located in Burriana at sea level (39°51.760’N, 0°4.608’W) with the stock omnidirectional antenna of 5dbi. The WiDV receiver was located in a mountain at 300m of altitude (39°39.617’N, 0°19.450’W). There’s a distance of 30.9 KM between these 2 locations.


Video mode Only one patch antenna Only one parabolic antenna Both antennas (diversity+)
RSSI Video quality RSSI Video quality RSSI Video quality
FULL HD 54% 92% 59% 92% 60% 100%
HD 60% 98% 64% 98% 64% 100%


WiDV can reach more than 31km distances with the correct set of wireless adapters, antennas and its diversity+ feature.

The diversity+ also allows to have one or two directional antenna and one omnidirectional antenna at the same time, so when the drone is approaching for landing you don’t need to aim the antenna with an antenna tracker, because the omnidirectional antenna receives signal from all directions.

The AWUS036H are very sensitive and ideal for long range transmissions. On the other side, they may be affected by interferences if the receiver is very close to wifi networks or unlicensed RC transmitters. Some unlicensed 800Mhz transmitters interfere at 2.4Ghz, also amateur RC transmitters of 2.4Ghz radiates in all channels, and interfere in the 2.4Ghz video link.

If you are looking for long distance transmission including all the WiDV features (bidrectional serial port for telemetry, radio control, …) don’t hesitate to contact us.

WiDV Two released

Today we are proud to announce WiDV Two!

What’s new on this version?

  • WiDV Two transmitter supports external HDMI cameras, like GoPro!
  • WiDV Two receiver supports diversity on a single receiver.
  • WiDV Two receiver includes 4 USB ports.
  • WiDV Two is dual band and it works on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.
  • WiDV Two includes an Ethernet port to connect to Mission Planner and other PC telemetry tools.
  • WiDV Two transmitter comes with a light version of only 70g of weight, perfect for small drones

WiDV One owners can enjoy the software side of all these new features by downloading and upgrading to the latest firmware available.

New firmware release. It includes the new OSD flight instruments!

Firmware 3.15 is here and it comes with a new OSD! Users can now choose between the classic FPV HUD or the new flight instruments, simulating real plane’s instruments.

The new OSD includes, from left to right:

  • A text box to display gps information, flight mode, distance and battery consumption
  • Ground speed
  • Artificial horizon
  • Altimeter
  • Vertical speed
  • Course over ground ( Green arrow: Heading, Red arrow: Return to home course )
  • Throttle and battery level indicators

The combination of using the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke (thanks to WiDV joystick integration) and these new flight instruments makes the FPV a new whole experience!

Find out more about WiDV OSD on our online manual.

WiDV users can take advantage of all these new features by simply installing the new firmware available here.

Expodrónica 2015

Last Friday we were at Expodrónica 2015 held in Zaragoza, Spain. It was an excellent opportunity for us to meet a lot companies from the drone sector. We met people from Asdrone, Dronetools, Sysveo, Antrack, Inda, Novadrone, Geotronics, 4crew, DoneAeroFilm, Technidrone, Unmanned Solutions and DronAir.

We were impressed with all people who already knew about WiDV and it was a great chance to get feedback from a wide range of professionals. We are sure new business opportunities will arise from this visit.

Looking forward to next year already!

The WiDV Team.


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Presentation and a bit of history

Welcome to Wireless Digital Video’s Blog, a place where we will publish news and projects regarding WiDV.

Some of us have been flying FPV more than 10 years and we have learnt a lot on the way, all that collected knowledge is now being applied on all our WiDV products. We still remember the first flights and tests and all our faces when we saw for the first time our own real time video feed in Full HD, it was something unbelievable. At that time it was a simple digital video broadcasting signal but nowadays WiDV has become something much bigger than that, it now includes a video recorder, zoom, diversity, dual 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz wireless frequency, OSD and flight instruments for telemetry, radio control with up to 3 joysticks simultaneously, …. Behind all this, there is a lot of work, flying and testing but to be honest, we all love working on WiDV so it is great fun for us. And we are not finished! We are still hungry for new features and a lot of them are still to come!

We want to take this chance to say thank you to all our customers who have trusted our software and equipment and use them on real-word environments. We would not be here if it was not for you, so thank you.

The WiDV Team.

We have attached some pictures from those good days of testing the firsts code releases:

2017 vårens bröllopsstil, är huvudsakligen enkel, huvudsakligen satinchiffong, om lång eller kort sjal kan göra din klänning med en känsla av elegans, och köttiga tjejer Bröllopsklänningar 2017