31 Km Full HD video range with WiDV

Antennas long range test

Long range transmission of digital video is always something very difficult to achieve. At WiDV we have decided to do some testing and share these results.

WiDV equipment can be used with different wireless adapters, on this particular test we have used a WiDV Two – Professional kit dual with two AWUS036H wireless adapters. Thanks to the diversity+ feature included in WiDV, we attached 2 directional antennas of 2.4Ghz to the receiver, a patch of 17dbi and a parabolic of 24dbi gain.

The WiDV transmitter was located in Burriana at sea level (39°51.760’N, 0°4.608’W) with the stock omnidirectional antenna of 5dbi. The WiDV receiver was located in a mountain at 300m of altitude (39°39.617’N, 0°19.450’W). There’s a distance of 30.9 KM between these 2 locations.


Video mode Only one patch antenna Only one parabolic antenna Both antennas (diversity+)
RSSI Video quality RSSI Video quality RSSI Video quality
FULL HD 54% 92% 59% 92% 60% 100%
HD 60% 98% 64% 98% 64% 100%


WiDV can reach more than 31km distances with the correct set of wireless adapters, antennas and its diversity+ feature.

The diversity+ also allows to have one or two directional antenna and one omnidirectional antenna at the same time, so when the drone is approaching for landing you don’t need to aim the antenna with an antenna tracker, because the omnidirectional antenna receives signal from all directions.

The AWUS036H are very sensitive and ideal for long range transmissions. On the other side, they may be affected by interferences if the receiver is very close to wifi networks or unlicensed RC transmitters. Some unlicensed 800Mhz transmitters interfere at 2.4Ghz, also amateur RC transmitters of 2.4Ghz radiates in all channels, and interfere in the 2.4Ghz video link.

If you are looking for long distance transmission including all the WiDV features (bidrectional serial port for telemetry, radio control, …) don’t hesitate to contact us.